Comics vs Manga

Comics vs Manga

Hello everyone. This time we’ve got a hot fight on our hands. In the left corner in the coloured shorts – Comics! (storm of applause) In the right corner in the black & white shorts – Manga! (storm of applause) And I, as judge, will try to be as fair and unbiased as possible.


Prevalence of clichés

Not an easy choice. Both sides are full of clichés, they just have different ones. In one case it’s superheroes in tights and excessively simplistic, in the other – harem manga is excessively complex, artificially wound up to full absurdity.

I declare a draw.


Graphics are fine. Both fighters are looking good. On both sides we have masters. For example, Murata Yusuke, redrawing Onepunch-man, or Nick Klein, who drew the Drifter. I want to say this is a draw too, but to be honest, colour gives more expressiveness, so my decision goes to comics.


Regarding this, manga is truly the leader. Two straight hits – no colouring and squeezing all the juices from the artists (some of them sleep no more than 5 hours per day) they work at a speed of 30 pages per week. As one of the researchers said, the manga industry is a monster which eats artists and defecates manga. In those conditions only the most persistent will survive for very long. Amongst western creators there’s people who work for a similar time, but: a) there’s too few of them; b) colouring takes time to be done, so their speed is closer to 46 pages/month.

This point goes to Manga.

Power level

In an attempt to impress the reader authors on both sides create more and more imbalanced heroes and villains, and it’s hard to stop before crossing into absurdity. As result in manga and comics alike you can see heroes destroying planets with their bare hands and penetrating the space-time continuum while barely trying.

We’ll call it a draw.


Comics and manga alike aren’t aimed at people who want to keep up with current affairs. They focus on those who want to take a break from political problems and mentally relax. There’re great works which focus on everyday problems, but they are more about common problems, anyway. When someone tries to introduce modern concerns, it doesn’t usually end well.

I’d say it’s a draw, since in general they’re both equidistant from real world problems.

Chests and Gore

Here, in my opinion, Manga takes the lead. They were constrained by fewer prohibitions (hi, CCA!) and the authorities treated violations of those prohibitions much more liberally. Over the last few years comics have caught up to Manga with seven-league steps, and are now very close – for example, look at the Butcher Baker or The Strange Talent of Luther Strode.

For amount and diversity I would give my vote to Manga, but I can’t deny – boobs and the litres of blood alike look much more spectacular in colour.

Since I’m a fair and unbiased judge – draw!


Manga is more focused on the depth of the plot. Sometimes Often the intent to do something great moves authors into lands so far away that you might guess this is a schizophrenic story in pictures, if you read only the latest arcs without regard to previous issues.

American comics do things differently – they try to keep the story as simple as possible. There’re some great creations, like Records of the Fallen Vampire or Drifters, which I mentioned before, but the percentage of these creations is equal to those of Manga (which proves that talent doesn’t depend on nationality).

It might seem to be a draw, or possibly a slight leaning towards Manga. But if we remember that comics are published not only by America but also by European countries such as France or Italy, then the fighter(fighters?) in coloured shorts will win this round.

Jokes and Humour

You might guess that here’s a point for comics, because American humour is passable even in Russia, and vice versa. Japanese people, on the other hand, rarely joke about themselves and national Japanese humour is kinda specific for European people like me. For example, hieroglyph jokes are very hard to translate into european languages, and boke and tsukkomi jokes mighty stupefy even hard japanese fans.

Contrariwise if we specify an author who doesn’t follow these rules (such as the glorious Onepunch-man!) than manga might be even better than comics.

But! Last time Europe helped the USA. Now China will lend a helping hand to Japan. They’ve got similar style, but aren’t afraid to make below the belt jokes, and heroes more often joke about themselves, each other, and their own country.

A Point for Manga!


When I count the points, I see this is a draw. Or, as we say in Ukraine – friendship won!

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See you around!

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